4 October 2015

Why Everyone Needs Blogger Buddies

By Vix
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I’ve just got back from spending a weekend in Leeds with some of the best bloggers on the block for the Bloggers Blog Awards. My, that’s mighty alliteration there.

Whilst on this trip I really appreciated hanging with other bloggers and got thinking about why everyone needs a blog friend.

Why Everyone Needs Blogger Buddies

Hanging with Hannah, Katy, Jordan, Lauren, Freya, Charlotte, Becky and Laura all weekend was alright I spose.

They don’t judge. Want to brag about your all expense paid cottage stay? Girl wants to listen. Want to spend 20 minutes perfecting your Instagram grid? Great! She’ll stay quiet so you can concentrate. Being with other bloggers who understand why you need to be surgically attached to your phone is a relief from those real life folk who start bandying around negative words like ‘addiction’ and ‘square-eyes’ and ‘early onset arthritis’.

They’re supportive. Every award winner and runner up was cheered with gusto and everyone was genuinely happy for one another at the Bloggers Blog Awards. We also then spent the rest of the evening chatting about the devastating feeling of low page views and the utter highs of your friends and family being on board with your blog which was nice.

They understand. So your pizza has gone cold because you needed to wait until you had the absolute perfect flat-lay set up. Who cares? You once spent an evening crying over how shit your blog design is – they have too! It always surprises me, just how much in common I have with fellow bloggers. We’ve all been through the same struggles at some point in our blogspan and everyone has different but helpful advice on how to get through it.

This beaut.

They know just what to say. Bloggers are great at pretending that they’ve read each other’s latest posts or stalked each other’s instagrams, even if they haven’t.  They also then know how to completely flatter your ego by smothering you in compliments about said posts. And even if you know they haven’t really stalked your Twitter all morning, it still gives you the warm fuzzies.

Finally got to meet Emma!

Bloggers. You’re the best.

Thanks to Hayley for organising a great weekend.

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