• My First Year Freelance

    I wake up at noon. Suckle golden milk from the fresh teet of an expensive coffee machine. I then take to my garden to perform some ‘early morning’ yoga ritual which immediately hydrates me and leaves my skin glowing. Then I answer 3 emails maximum at a time, go for a 4 hour business lunch […]

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  • Instagram algorithm 2019

    These 4 Instagram Features Will Help You Beat The Algorithm

    It’s not just you. EVERYONE needs a struggs hug when it comes to the blogger’s favourite photo-sharing app at the moment. We, as creators, have two choices. We can either turn the app into a space of negativity. By admonishing the app for only showing our content to 6% of our following. Or side-eyeing every […]

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  • Should you start IGTV?

    Should You Start IGTV Now?

    In short, yes. When IGTV first burst onto our grids with quite possibly the most underwhelming entrance since the latest batch of Casa Amor housemates, it’s safe to say that many creators were less than excited at the prospect of creating ANOTHER type of content. The stand-alone IGTV app was clunky and not intuitive to […]

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  • instagram life changing

    Is Your Instagram ‘Life-Changing’?

    Right, Ok, come on, no-one’s Instagram account has performed life-saving surgery or introduced them to Beyonce so we don’t mean ‘life-changing’ in those kinda ways. But do your followers or prospective followers leave your Instagram page in a much better state than when they found you? And if not, could this be the reason you’re […]

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  • How To Serve Your Instagram Followers

    ‘Serving your audience’ is SAUX American Insta guru and can sound a little wanky at times but there’s a lot to be said for looking at ‘serving’ over ‘creating’ when it comes to creating an Instagram audience. I’ll talk you through what it means to serve and how to start doing it, practically, TODAY. Does […]

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  • self care for bloggers


    Self-care is one of the words we love to throw about. Whether that?s because we want to try and focus on it, we?re lying to others about our amazing routines, or possibly you?ve got it down and self-care is your jam. But realistically, taking time out of our busy days, whether you?re working full time […]

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  • benefits of journaling

    The 7 Benefits Of Journaling

    I love writing. And I don?t just mean blogging, I mean the physical act of writing. Putting pen to paper. Writing to do lists. Planning. Organising. Goal setting. Reflecting at the end of the day. It?s why, over the last couple of years, my blog has gone from a lifestyle blog to, more specifically, one […]

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  • passive active voice

    How To Use Passive And Active Voice

    Among its many helpful features, Yoast?s SEO plugin highlights passive voice in your blog posts. But what the hell does that mean and why should you aim to be more active anyway? To understand, it?s best to take a step back and look at basic sentence structure. At its core, a sentence contains a something […]

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