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6 September 2019

My Biggest SEO Mistakes

By Vix
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If only I had had Grow & Glow’s INCREDIBLE SEO training and resources from a leading industry expert before I set out in the blogging world, eh? We’re not all that lucky though!

Due to this, I made some SERIOUS SEO mistakes early on and I’m sure you have too. Please come and chat to me on Instagram and let me know if you’ve made these ones too…

biggest blogging seo mistakes

I Used Generic Keywords

When I first started hearing the term, ‘keyword’, I went ahead and picked a few words that were ‘key’ to my blog and used them everywhere – without learning what that actually meant.

Cue 2 years of using, ‘dating blog’ in every blog post, alt text, heading and description and not understanding why I wasn’t gaining traffic.

Sure, I had a dating blog but so do 464577685 other people.

What I should’ve done was some thorough keyword research so that I could find more specific ones that I could definitely have ranked for!

I Created A Whole Mess Of Content

I’m not sure what business I had creating content on topics that weren’t related to what my blog was about but there we are!

Creating content on topics that isn’t related to your blogs keywords does NOTHING to boost you up the rankings so you’re essentially writing those posts for your social media followers.

Finding a niche, implementing SEO in that niche and creating content for that niche is where it’s at!

I Boshed Out 100 Word Posts

Someone, somewhere told bloggers circa 2014 that 7 posts a week, 100-200 words a pop was a great idea to build a blog.

Maybe that worked for some or at some point but now, to really stand out, your content needs to be packed with value.

Over 350 words is best for SEO but if you can produce meaningful, useful, searchable content with a few more words than that, you’re giving your blog its best chance in the Google rankings.

I CBA With Meta Descriptions

It took me a good 6 months of being on WordPress to ever fill out a blog post’s meta description. I just couldn’t be arsed. I’d written my post, included an image and wanted to share it!

But genuinely, as soon as I got to grips with on page SEO and put some thought and effort into my meta descriptions, the more traffic I’d see come on in from Google.

I Was Too Much Of A ‘Click Here’ Fan

I knew early on in my SEO learnings that I needed to interlink my other pieces of content throughout my blog as much as possible.

The problem was, I’d put, ‘click here’ for everything.

Google views this as spammy so try varying your anchor text as you pepper links throughout your posts.

I Ignored Analytics

I think I once had a month that had considerably worse traffic than the previous month and I swore off of looking at my Google Analytics for a good while.

The problem here was that I was missing out on important information.

I couldn’t tell if one social platform was bringing more traffic that another. I couldn’t see if a blog post had completely tanked with poor SEO so I could fix it and I also couldn’t celebrate a post ranking on page 1 of Google until I realised months later it had keywords that were performing brilliantly for me!

Now I check my referrers, my top key words and the quality of my back links often so I can keep on top of what’s serving me traffic and what’s harming my blog.

Have you made any of these mistakes? Have you fixed that by taking the Glow Your SEO training?

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