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3 July 2020

Behind the Biz: Why SOPs are a Productivity Game-Changer

By Vix
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In this episode of The Grow & Glow Show, Vix dives into SOPs, what they are and why you need them to hit your productivity goals.

Episode Transcript

Welcome to The Grow and Glow show. This is a podcast for creators, online advocators and personal brand dominators. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about growing an online platform, and glowing for your audience. My name’s Vix Meldrew. I’m a full time Content Creator and community cultivator. So grab a Diet Coke, a notepad and pen, and let’s get ready to Grow and Glow.

Today I’ve got a little bite sized episode for you all around SOPs. Now you might be thinking what that hell is a SOP? Well, I’m going to tell ya this, like I said, this episode is gonna be a quick bite sized one, but by the end of this episode, you are gonna know what a SOP is, and you’re gonna start putting them into place for your online business, because they’re going to be productivity, gain changers. Let me tell you!

If you’re interested in knowing how you can put these little processes into your content creation strategy into your online business, to up your productivity levels, then keep listening because we’re going to dive right in. 

Okay. So what is a SOP? A SOP is a Standard Operating Procedure, and I know that sounds massively businessy massively like, oh corporate, like blue sky thinking, but unless we can think of more creative word for it, it is what it is. It’s essentially a process that an area of your business goes through that you can tick off in your head. So you know, that that area of business is running exactly as it should. 

And yes I’m talking about area of business, but if your business is growing an online platform, you need SOPs as well. 

So I’m going to break down for you just to give you an example, a SOP that we have within our Grow and Glow team. Now we used to use a program called Airtable. We do still have Airtable, and that’s where we did all of our project management. But we’ve used Airtable for other things, and we’ve now got a new program called Click Up. And there are loads of programs like Click Up. There’s ASANA there’s Monday. And I suppose you could even do an Airtable as well, but we use Click Up and Click Up off is a way for our team in Grow and Grow, myself, Samara Jade and Beth to come together and put all of our work, our projects, our to do lists, everything altogether so we can see what everyone is up to all at the same time. 

So when I was learning about Click Up and how to use it, I started hearing mention of Oh, you need SOPs. You need SOPs. And I’m pretty sure I heard it in a Jenna Kutcher podcast episode as well. And I thought oh, what does this actually mean? So then I listened to her podcast and she broke it down. What it mean? And I thought, Ugh, I am so disorganised. I am so cluttered. I always have 400 tabs open. This sounds like something that will keep all of the processes of building platforms and building Grow and Glow as a membership in line organised and this what I need.

So then I spent probably a Sunday afternoon, which I probably should have been doing something more relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, like reading or, you know, sitting outside. But no, no, no. I decided to create some SOPs and I put them together for the team. So now what we have is SOPs for essentially every area of the business. And we broke down what those areas of business were. 

So for us, it’s the podcast, it’s the blog, it’s email marketing, it’s Instagram, it’s the membership. And then it’s also member services. So then we created SOPs for each area of the business to keep us in line, to make sure that we were doing every single little task and a little bit of admin within that bigger task to ensure that it was running smoothly.

So to make it make sense, I’ll tell you what our podcast SOP is. 

So our Standard Operating Procedure for the podcast goes like this:

-We come up with the idea for the podcast

-We plan the podcast

-We record the podcast and then send it to Jade to edit the podcast

-She uploads it to a new program that we’ve got called Searchie

-She then creates a Pinterest graphic and puts it into the blog post that she generates

And I’ll do another episode on what Searchie is because there’s a game changing tool that auto creates a blog post, which we can schedule. 

-We will then pre-hype the episode via stories

-We will pre-hype the upcoming episode via Twitter

-We will then publish the episode

-We’ll then promote it via Twitter, promote it via stories, promoted by the Facebook group, promoted by the Facebook page

-And then we will add evergreen promotional tweets about that podcast episode to Facebook and Insta stories

So that’s a Standard Operating Procedure or SOP for every podcast episode. So now we’ve got this almost like to do list or checklist in place. We know that we are making sure we’re doing everything possible to maximise, to optimise that podcast episode. 

Does that make sense? 

Here’s another example. So we’ve got a SOP for the members Facebook group. So this is how the Facebook group operates on a daily basis:

-We need to engage in and just start discussions 

On a weekly basis:

-We need to hype up some bundles and trainings

-We need to share our latest blog posts and podcasts

-And we need to put on some kind of like ‘what’s on in the group this week’ posts. So our members always know what we’re doing

And then on a monthly basis:

-We need to schedule out other conversational prompts that we can get our members chatting about areas of Grow and Glow and areas of their business so that they can check in and let us know that they’re getting on.


So that’s our member services group SOP, and then the Facebook group SOP. 

If we make sure we do those things on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, the members Facebook group is running smoothly. 

So, you could go off and create SOPs for all of the different areas of your personal brand, whether that’s your blog, your Instagram, your YouTube, really minutely, granularly type out every single little thing that it takes to get that piece of content moving, to get it out there and to get it pushed out as far and wide as possible to just really maximise its effectiveness. Break it down into the smaller steps and you have a SOP. 

So why is this so good for productivity? 

Well, for me being a completely scattered person who always has a million tabs open, I know that within click up, I have delegated all of these different areas to the different members of the team who have these areas under their control. And then the areas that I need to look at. Cause when I opened my laptop on a Monday morning, I don’t think, Oh my gosh, I’ve got 400 million things to do. I’ve just very clearly got these SOPs that I know that I need to do these daily tasks, these weekly tasks on these monthly tasks. And then I can schedule out and my timetable time to do them as, and when. We could probably do another episode on batch working in the future because that comes into it too. 

So like I said, really short and sweet but, putting these SOPs together has massively changed our productivity levels. The way that we communicate together as a team, the fact that every single team member knows that somebody else has got their area covered. And we know that we’ve listed it all out as minutely as possible. So we know that every single area is thought of and taken care of, means that we are running like a well oiled machine. 

And I know that the team are probably listening to this and saying, well Vix we do still have to remind you to send off this or to do this for you. So sorry guys, if you’re, you know, Jade, Beth and Samara, I do try, but this has definitely given us a bit of a kick up the bum to get more organised. 

And if you’re a one person band who is dealing with your content, with your marketing, with your sales, with your showing up for your audience, with everything, then creating SOPs, like this can just mean that you don’t forget things that you don’t suddenly go, Oh no, I was posted, promote that tweet or, Oh no! I was supposed to let people know that the podcast was coming back. This will keep you in line.

So, let us know which SOPs you’re going to be creating, how they look. If you want to know any more of our SOPs, you can just ask us and we’ll let you know what else we’ve got in case there’s something that you haven’t covered yet. But yeah, come and chat to us about them on the Facebook group, it’s Grow and Glow, It’s a free Facebook group or the Instagram @growglow.co come and chat to us on Twitter. Send us an email. We’d love to chat all things SOPs with you. 

I think I just like saying the word SOPs, but yeah. 

Thank you so much for listening. I hope that’s been useful. And until next time I will speak to you soon.


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