2 May 2015

10 Things All Bloggers Go Through

By Vix
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1. The utter devastation you feel when another blogger writes THE post that has been sat in your drafts for 3 weeks. Shouldn’t have watched all of those Mad Men episodes and just gotten on with it, eh?

2. The sheer panic that oozes into your gut when a post you’ve been writing for hours/days doesn’t save and you have to start all over again. Or, you know, you make a G&T to settle your nerves. This has JUST happened to me. I’m almost certainly finishing off the bottle of Bombay Sapph.

3. The chronic jealously you feel when a fellow blogger suddenly gets retweeted by a huge brand and now has 1737473k followers. You’re delirious for them, obvs, but it hurts. Boy does it hurt.

4. The empty feeling in your soul after you’ve realised you’ve missed a Twitter chat AND the host was one of your faves AND it sounded like a topic you actually wanted to contribute to. I don’t know fudge all about SEO for christ’s sake.

5. The ELATION when someone tweets you a simple ‘loved your post’ or ‘your brows are ON POINT’. It’s like your whole online life is suddenly worth living.

6. The surprise rush of page views after a post you weren’t sure about becomes mega popular. ME? People are actually reading ME?

7. The crashing low, the following day when your blog gets 14 views. ME? Everyone hates ME?

8. The tingle of anxiety mixed with pride when a PR contacts you about a post you ACTUALLY want to write AND they’re going to pay you? Oh shit there’s a deadline but OH WOW ££££.

9. The resounding disappointment when you open up a PR email to discover it’s about tyres. Yes that really happened to me. Why not New Look eh? Why frigging tyres?

10. All the feels when you take a step back, look at what you’ve achieved so far, think about who you’ve met along the way and the inspiration and motivation builds up inside you all over again.

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