27 March 2019

How I Use Airtable To Grow & Manage My Blog

By Vix
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Honestly, using Airtable for your blog is GAME CHANGER. It’s a new discovery for me, thanks to Dani but now I wouldn’t manage my blog and all the shiz I need to do to continue to grow it, any other way. So if you’re a bit like, da fuq is Airtable and why do I need it – I’ve got an Airtable tutorial just for you!


What Is Airtable?

Essentially it’s a sexier Excel and an easier to use Trello (in my opinion – you know how much I love me some Trello).

Within Airtable, you can create a ‘Workspace’ which is where you keep your ‘Bases’. Bases are like Excel workbooks that house the spreadsheets but in Airtable they’re called ‘Tables’ and they don’t give you the, ‘Maths in Year 9, why can’t I get this formula right’, vommy flashbacks.

Tables are incredible because you can transform cells into pictures, checklists, dates, URLs, paragraphs – SO MANY THINGS, which makes it perfect for bloggers to use to organise their shit.

airtable tutorial for blogging

How Much Does It Cost?

Mate, basic Airtable with all the features a blogger could ever need, IS FREE. Check it out here.

You can pay to upgrade should you wish, but the free version is all of your organisational dreams come true.

airtable tutorial for blogging

Why Is It So Good?

Airtable is completely flexible due to the various cell features and it’s cloud-syncing capability. Plus the mobile app is AS user friendly as the desktop version. I love that Dani and I can share access to our tables so we can both keep track of which jobs need doing.

Perhaps you don’t have someone else working on your blog – but you can collaborate with anyone!

Maybe you’ve got a group of pals that you want to share knowledge, expertise and tips with – create a table! Or you’re building a database of brand contacts that you and your blogging buds want to pitch to – collaborate on it. Or perhaps you work with a photographer, editor, or videographer – you can share jobs, ideas and feedback with them so easily.

It’s also not as rigid as other apps. With each column, table, base having a multitude of different options, you can put all of your blogging tasks into one place.

airtable tutorial for blogging

Getting Started Is Easy

You can import one of Airtable’s many templates to get you started. Or if a pal (hi, me) has a template you want to nab (oh you’ll get to…) then you can share it. You could also just get crackalacking with one yourself and build it to be exactly what you need!

airtable tutorial for blogging

Individual Sexy Field Types

No longer are you stuck with Excel where it was a bugger, and it felt like you needed a rocket science degree, to change your cell or column types. Air Table makes it SO seamless.

These are some of the basic field types:

Single line text – best for short, unique pieces of text – like titles!

Long text – great for when you need to write yourself a chunky note. Great for things like Instagram captions, instructions, Tweets, Facebook posts etc

Attachment – allows you to attach files. Ideal for attaching pictures or rough, draft copies of blog posts.

Checkbox – add a green check mark your record, or remove it. Perfect for a to do list!

Single select – ideal for when you want to choose one option from a set of options that you have predefined. You’ll see a drop-down list of these options when you edit the cell. So you could set the status of different things like, ‘draft’, ‘checked’, ‘published’ and ‘promoted’ to keep track of what’s happening with your blog posts!

Multiple option select – similar to a single select, except it allows you to select more than one option. Perhaps you want to show a blog post is in the drafts but it’s also been checked ready to publish!

Date and time – lets you enter a date and time (optional) into a column. Ideal for keeping on top of post deadlines for sponsored posts or a calendar you’re keeping for yourself!

Email – this will format the text in the field as an email address. If you click on the email address, it will open up your computer’s native email client with the To: field addressed to the email you just clicked on. Ideal for logging those brand emails you want to follow up with!

URL – formats the text within it as a URL. Clicking on a URL within a URL field will open up that page. You can use this to show published posts or even the links you’d like to include in your upcoming posts. Perhaps you come across something online that you’d like to dive into because it’ll give you more information for your posts – put it in, ready to come back to and link within your post.

Number – only accepts a numeric value. You can use this field to log your analytics and statistics if you like to keep track of that sort of thing.

Currency – formats numbers as currency, using the currency symbol of your choice. A great feature if you’re using a base for your accounting. No more trying to enter £100 for sponsored fee and having the formatting of everything go tits up. Been there!

airtable tutorial for blogging

The Ability To Filter Records

Another life saver for bloggers. Say you’ve set up your Airtable to record your sponsored blog posts. And you’ve used the ‘option select’ fields to say whether a project is, ‘underway’, ‘completed’, ‘invoice sent’, ‘paid’, or ‘overdue’. You can then filter those records by type so you can see which brands are bae and have paid, and which ones you need to send a friendly reminder to!

Or perhaps you want to see which of your Instagram posts have been drafted, captioned, hashtagged or posted so you know which post needs what next – you can do that!

airtable tutorial for blogging

Creating Content Upgrades With Airtable

Due to Airtable’s ability to be shared amongst collaborators, it’s the ideal tool to use to create a content upgrade.

You can learn what a content upgrade is here.

With Airtable you can save and share your bases and tables via a link where others can view or copy it for themselves.

That means you could create something that would be super useful for your audience and trade the download for their email address.

Some content upgrades you could make with Airtable include;

  • List of brunch spots organised by rating, busy-ness, price, Instagrammability
  • Capsule wardrobe items listed by type, price, colourway, style, store
  • Beauty products organised by skin type, product type, price, store
  • A travel itinerary broken up by places to eat, hotels, sightseeing spots – you can add pictures and links to make it SO useful for your followers!

I mean, the possibilities are endless! All you’d need to do is create an email sign up form and have an automated email sent every time someone signs up which produces the link to the Airtable template for them to view or copy!

The allure of letting readers see an Airtable content upgrade is that they don’t *need* an Airtable account! This is definitely a plus point as sometimes your readers just want access to the content without having to sign up or download something new.

Using Airtable Forms

Sometimes you want to collect feedback or ideas from your readers. You can do that with Airtable! You can set up a form, send your audience a link and their responses will auto-populate into a table. Meaning you can track responses SO easily!

Embedding Airtable

Yep. That’s right. Look.

So you can use it in blog posts if you like! You can show your readers your process for something and let them copy it and add to it if they want to.

There are so many things you can do with it. This Airtable tutorial has barely scraped the surface. If you want more tips, the official Airtable site has a decent guide.

How I Use Airtable For Blogging

If you’d like to see my EXACT process for how I manage my blog and consistently manage to grow it week by week by staying on top of the tasks that are the most productive, then you can grab my FREE Airtable Blog Management template, here.

My template breaks down daily, weekly and monthly tasks you can do to keep your platforms growing. Plus, it has a to do list which details everything you can do to promote your latest posts, as soon as you’ve published them!

Do you like the look of Airtable? What could you use it for?

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