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17 November 2020

How accountability moves Vix’s biz forward

By Vix
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In this episode of The Grow & Glow Show, Vix shares what accountability techniques she uses and how they push her business forward.

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Accountability to me looks like the simple act of checking in.

In this episode I’m going to to walk through the most powerful ways I include accountability in my business and I’m excited to hear from you, what it looks like for you or if it’s lacking!

So let me know if this resonates with you – but I have a personal brand. I have a brilliant team but the business is mine and I’m the air quotes leader (or I try to be) If that’s you too, you’ll probably understand that feeling of sitting down to your laptop or phone and not knowing what the Jeff to post, create, work on next or tackle.

You get frozen in inaction because everything seems so insurmountable.

I struggled like this for so long before involving the following methods of accountability into my life…

I also think there’s a difference between accountable to self and accountable to others and I really believe you need a mixture!

1 – Daily to do lists – separated into home, work and fun. When I get too into something it’s hard for me to see the woods for the trees so I need to keep myself accountable that I’m covering all of those bases. Y’know id probably add a ‘self’ into there – making sure. I’m drinking water, moving, not getting a 4pm Diet Coke headache etc

2 – 90 Day Manifesting Journal – I have a blog post on this on VixMeldrew.com but it’s how I take my to do list and align it with my bigger weekly, monthly and 90 day goals as well as my ‘higher self’ work in terms of how I want my business and life to feel on a whole. Now how woo should I get on this podcast? Please let me know because I can go
all in on this shiz!

3 – G&G Show Up calls – in our membership we have regular calls with our members where we celebrate wins but also share goals and blocks to achieving those goals. Being in a group atmosphere and hearing other people’s ideas, ways of tackling things and wins motivates me and gives me totally new ways of looking at things.

If you want to join Grow & Glow to learn how to make your brand/biz stand out online and you want to benefit from the most amazing and supportive community – head to GrowGlow.co/join and we’ll see you on the next Show Up call!

4 – Alice Benham’s ON IT program. Quarterly check ins with other business owners to set quarterly goals to ensure we’re always working ON our businesses instead of IN – the difference being when we’re working IN it’s all the day to day minute stuff to keep things ticking but working ON is the big picture stuff that you’re working towards! This helps me because everyone has different businesses and different goals and again gives me inspiration for mine.

We then have a WhatsApp group where we stay in touch in between calls to check in on one another – aka checking up! But I don’t k ow about you but I’m always more motivated when I think – I have to show people what I’ve done!
And lastly – a group chat with Alice, Chloe and I. We’re all service based business owners who are all at similar stages of business and we all have our individual strengths. We can use this to check in with each other, catch up on progress and break down blocks. I get excited to share with these gals what I’ve done and what’s coming next!

So for you…
Could you change how you plan your day to include lists or journaling to keep yourself accountable to your bigger goals and vision? If you already do this, I’d love to hear how so please do have a chat with me about it!

Could you join a network like us at G&G to find that support group who will keep you motivated and going – even when you feel like you CBA or that everything is all too much?

Could you form a friends WhatsApp group where you look out for and encourage one another?

Please do head to our Instagram GrowGlow.co to carry on the convo! I want to hear about your fave ways to stay accountable to your biz.

And as ever, if you’ve enjoyed the episode – please like, subscribe and leave us a lil review!

Until next time, keep showing up! Byeee

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