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6 March 2020

5 Uncommon Places to Promote Your Blog Posts

By Vix
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In last week’s post, we covered the basics of sharing your content, for those of you that are just starting out. Today though, we want to chat about some more uncommon places to promote your blog and build your traffic!

We’ve previously spoken about the importance of diving in and sharing your blog posts across some key social media platforms, even when the idea of shouting about your content totally freaks you out! From Insta Stories, to our own Grow & Glow content share, we covered what you need to be doing.

However, we know that a lot of our members are a few steps further ahead on their creator journeys. Perhaps you’ve been doing this shiz for years and are already sharing your content on the platforms we mentioned. Or maybe you’ve just picked up the basics super quickly! Either way, you’re ready to up-level.

That’s why we wanted to cover some of the lesser-known ways that you can promote your blog posts.

Whilst some of these do take a little (or a lot!) more effort, they can be serious traffic generators when done correctly. On top of that, whilst the platforms mentioned in our last post should be a part of your promotion routines every time, these may be the kind of methods that you pepper in here and there. 

uncommon places to promote blog posts


If you’ve got your niche nailed (which you definitely should, by the way!) Reddit may be the place for you. 

Let’s get one thing clear though: reddit is not a link directory! It’s not the place for you to go and do the promotional equivalent of a hit and quit. Aka, don’t just go there, drop your blog link, and then do a runner.

Instead, the platform hosts a tonne of different niche/interest-focused communities, which are called “subreddits”. In order to have the best impact, hunt down some subreddits that are tightly relevant to your niche. Then, spend some time interacting in the community, helping people and generally adding value. If there is a relevant (not SPAMMY!) point where you can share a helpful link to your content, do it!

This will lead to more authentic traffic and will hopefully help you to build up an audience of people that are generally interested in what you create.

Just make sure that you read the rules of every subreddit, to ensure your promo isn’t going against them. 

Pinterest group boards 

You should be sharing your content on Pinterest, as we said in our last post.

However, you may want to also consider starting up a group board to reach a larger number of people. Much like a normal board, you can pin posts to a group board. However, you can also invite other people to collaborate on it with you.

This means, that whenever a collaborator posts to it, their audience is likely to see the shared board, and potentially to read and share your content. Pretty cool, right?

In order to get the most out of your board, find people that are in a similar niche to you, so that the board can stay focused. This tends to mean it will be more likely to attract your ideal audience. 

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Social Media Scheduling in the Essential Toolkit for more help on this! If you’re not a member yet, but want to gain access, join the waitlist today.

Relevant Facebook groups 

Much like Reddit, Facebook groups aren’t the place to drop your links and log off. They require commitment to the community aspect of the platform!

Try and find a few extremely relevant facebook groups that you can join. For example, if you review local restaurants, find facebook groups for your area. If you are a parenting blogger, find parenting groups from your country. You get the idea!

Then, take the time to answer people’s questions, engage with content in the group and build relationships. Should the opportunity arise to share a piece of content organically, go ahead, but don’t dive in with the spam as soon as you’ve joined.

Plus, like reddit, make sure you’ve read the groups rules on link sharing. 

In old blog posts 

As you build up your blog content, it’s important to create internal links. Not only is this brilliant for boosting your SEO and getting search engines on your side, but it also helps readers with a nudge towards other content they may enjoy. This keeps people on your site and enjoying your content for longer: Win-win!

One brilliant way to build traffic then, is to insert the link of a new post into some older posts that already get a decent amount of traffic. For example, if you’re a beauty blogger and you’re writing about a certain brand, you could link to the new post in any other content where you’ve mentioned the brand previously!

This won’t always be possible, but try to think about whether you have any related posts every time you hit publish. 


Don’t switch off. We know that LinkedIn is considered the “boring” platform. After all, it’s for work.

However, LinkedIn can be a total goldmine when it comes to targeting your ideal audience. Their search features allow you to trawl through every member from certain areas, doing certain jobs or who work in certain companies, before connecting with them.

Think about that potential! If you’re a fashion blogger, connect with people who work at some of your favourite brands. If you write about your local area, connect with local businesses and their workers. If you chat about sustainability, connect with eco-friendly businesses in your country.

Not only is this a great way to get a bit of extra traffic, but you never know when a sponsorship is just around the corner!

We hope that this blog post has given you a bit of inspo for the next time you’re in a promo rut! Sometimes all you need is to step out of the Instagram Stories bubble and experiment with different platforms to get that boost in views you’re after.

To access our FREE Blog Post Promo Checklist, sign up now to our resource library. Members can access this resource in the Essential Toolkit.

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