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Join over 700 members Your new favourite Instagram membership Create scroll-stopping content
11 May 2020

3 steps to nailing hashtags and boosting your views on TikTok

By Vix
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Just when you feel like you’ve got your hashtags nailed on Instagram, TikTok comes along.

Suddenly it’s all #FYP, #ItsARemix and #xyzcba.

If you’re just starting out on the app and are feeling totally befuddled on how to create a decent hashtag strategy and get your content out there, you’re definitely not alone.

The truth is, TikTok is a pretty different social platform to a lot of others – Hashtags aren’t everything!

The app pushes out content based on a range of factors (some of which we know, some we probably don’t!) and hashtags are just one of them. That’s why videos without any hashtags at all have been able to go viral.

That doesn’t mean that we would recommend forgoing hashtags altogether, though. Quite the opposite. Whilst they’re not essential, they can play an important role in getting your videos seen by the right people and racking up those likes.

Here’s how to nail them…

How to use hashtags on TikTok

Keep them relevant to your niche 

TikTok is fab at showing you content that is of interest to you. They assess what kinds of videos you respond well to (like, comment on and share) and then, using their ridiculously clever algorithm, show you more like it!

Genius, right?

This means that you need to make sure you are giving the app a good idea of what your content is actually about. By using niche-relevant and video-relevant hashtags, you’re basically telling TikTok who to show your videos to. And if your video is getting shown to your ideal followers, they’re more likely to respond to it in some way, therefore meaning it will get pushed out even further.

BOOM. You now have more views.

In terms of finding niche hashtags, it’s a good idea to search relevant industry content or the videos of people in a similar area to you. Plus, explore keywords related to your content by searching for them in the app, which should provide you with plenty more hashtag inspo.

Not sure what your niche is? We guide you through finding yours in our Grow Into Your Niche course. Become a Grow & Glow member today to gain access and carve a space for yourself online.

Check up on trends 

A big part of TikTok is trends.

Trending filters.

Trending sounds.

Trending dances.

And – you guessed it – trending hashtags!

As another part of its clever clogs algorithm, TikTok seems to do a brilliant job of pushing out content that has trendy elements to people that have engaged with that trend in some other capacity. That means that jumping on board trends and utilising their hashtags can be a total goldmine in terms of exposure.

Head to the discover page on your app to see what’s hot.

Is there a way that you can fit this trend into your content, whilst remaining true to your niche and not forcing it? If so, go for it!

Don’t limit yourself 

As it stands, there’s not too much data about the perfect number of hashtags for TikTok. In the grand scheme of things, the app is pretty new!

However, there is a character limit to captions of 150. The video is created to be the focus, with a short and snappy caption to add any extra info or copy. Because of this it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fit in a butt tonne of hashtags.

We can’t see the harm in using as many (RELEVANT!) hashtags as possible though. So, every time you write a caption, add them in until you reach the character limit. This will give your content a better chance of being seen by a range of (RELEVANT!) people.

Like we said, hashtags aren’t the be all and end all of success on TikTok. It’s possible to have a viral video without them. However, they certainly give you a better chance of showing up on people’s For You Page. By helping the app to categorise your content, it’s much more likely to be shown to the right people.

Now that’s a recipe for higher views and growing a sustainable following.

For more help on getting your first 1,000 TikTok followers, check out our completely free e-book on tiktokwoah.com where we break down the strategy you need to get started.

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